I have just finished watching video session 8 in Living Beyond Yourself, a Beth Moore bible study that is available online. I wanted to share something that is applicable to my walk as I seek to give the Lord food, eating, self-perception…Beth encourages us at any point in time…or maybe as we have been studying spiritual warfare and taking our thoughts captive, we could use these thoughts to do our battle:

WHO AM I AGREEING WITH? Satan, who has a mouth full of lies or God who is reliable, trustworthy and true? We know by how we live who we are agreeing most with. If we are agreeing with God, we will live victoriously on a consistent basis. If we are defeated on a consistent basis we are believing the enemy on a consistent basis. It is as if we are agreeing with the enemy who accuses us: “You are right, that IS who I am..this is the only way I will ever be…”


I just feel convicted that today, I will not agree with Satan. Will you join me? Let’s reject his lies and embrace the truth of the One who paid the price for us to be free.

As Jacki Barineau says (a friend who has released 116+ pounds), “Jesus laid down his life for me, will I not lay down a little food for him?”

Believe God.

Reject lies spewed by Satan.