For years, I have been asked if I will “mentor” or coach others through the process of releasing weight. This is a journey we are on and sometimes it is helpful to walk with someone else who has been on the path before.

Until August of 2012, my focus involved kids living at home and our homeschooling endeavors. I didn’t feel that I had the freedom to offer coaching.

The nest is now empty so it is with great joy that I now offer weight-loss/life coaching. While I can’t do this for free–college tuition is expensive!–I hope to make it as affordable as possible.

My introductory price is four one-hour coaching phone sessions for $100. These can be scheduled in a way that suits you, though, I recommend weekly and it includes additional time in email. I am offering an initial half-hour consultation for free. So, basically:

1 – Email exchange prior to free consult

1 – 30 minute free consultation via telephone

4 – 60 minute phone consultations

Email exchanges (between phone visits).

For $100

Isolating “weight loss” from the rest of life is counter productive, in my opinion, so that is why I consider this more an offer to do life coaching with an emphasis in getting a grip on the weight challenges.

NOTE: If what you want is coaching to help you with dieting, I am not the right choice. If you are trying to apply yourself to a Christian, non-diet approach to weight loss and maintenance, then I think I can help. Let’s talk!

If you are interested, please email me at Tell me a bit of your story and provide me with your contact information.  I want to find a balance between helping others just because I love to do that and my need to give time to earning an income for our family.

I hope to hear from you soon!