Yesterday, I announced that I can now offer coaching which you can read about in yesterday’s blog post or on the “Resources” page of this website.

But I realize that many of us can’t afford an extra $100–no matter how much we may want the services or no matter how much we may feel like it is a “good deal!”

So, that is where this video comes in. In the 6 minute video below, I share with you my desire for this website–what I hope to do to serve *you*. In a nutshell, though, I need to hear from you! Let me know what questions, concerns, challenges you have. I would like to then use what YOU say you need to know to provide very streamlined responses to encourage you. Most of what I know I have posted here at the blog over the years, but it takes a lot to wade through it all.

I want to streamline things. I want to eliminate some of the verbage and “zip” it up to be concise.

Let me know what you want to know about and what your questions are and I will do precisely that in the weeks ahead!