Today at church was the first time that people asked me “How are you doing it?” (meaning the weight ). I never have a good answer to this question. I want a chance to say something like this: “By eating when I am hungry, stopping when I am not and going to God about all the other things that make me feel like I have to eat!” Typically, before I get the last part out about God, I get interrupted about which foods they feel they shouldn’t eat or they start saying things about not being emotional eaters or whatever. I really want my testimony to focus on the Lord…so I guess I have to try something a bit different like, “Turning to God with everything that draws my heart to food and asking for *his* solution. If I am hungry, I eat. When I am no longer hungry, I stop….” Or something like that. It was nice to have a chance to share with people about how God has been at work, but nuts! I wanted to really be ready with a more adequate answer. I will have to work on this!

Today was a good day to see some serious changes that God has been working in me. Today was the first time in YEARS that I have been in a Black Angus restaurant (steak house). My Mom wanted to pay for lunch for all of us. In the past, I would have plunged myself into the beef…the prime rib (or Filet Mignon or baby back ribs!) and the soup ahead of time…the potato, the bread…and the dessert…ALL my own to eat for ME thank you very much!

This time, as I looked ahead at the meal, I realized that beef is less appealing to me. That seems weird, given I have always been a “steak and potato” girl. I realized that over the past months, I have been eating more chicken—and grilled at that. Even eating half of the barbeque bacon burger hubby and I have grabbed in town each week for our big “hot” date out has been unappealing to me in the past few weeks. Beef just seems so “heavy” or something. This is soooo bizarre!

God has changed my desires. I actually ordered the grilled chicken today. Seems so WEIRD! I could have had Filet Mignon! LOL! Go figure!

I think the whole family was at MAJOR ZERO by the time we got to the restaurant! While waiting, the bread came first and OH MY WORD! I loved it! A tiny piece of that sweet brown goodness slathered with butter…yum. The soup came and I had three spoonfuls of steak soup….uh oh…it was so filling I knew I had to stop if I wanted to enjoy the main course! LOL!

When the chicken and baked potato arrived, I had a couple of bites of the chicken covered in barbeque sauce and about 8-10 bites of potato…While it was REALLY good, it was easy enough to stop, as there was a promise of desert .

We ordered two deserts to be shared amongst the five of us. OOOOOOoooooh….very good….one was the Mile High Mud Pie and one was the Double Decadence Chocolate Fudge Cake or something like that served with chocolate sauce (not that Hershey stuff LOL!) and Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream. WE LOVED IT. I had about 3 bites of both and boy was I good….

I don’t typically eat to a 5. This time, I stopped at 5 (probably more like a 4 to some folks)….I was satisfied…as full as I prefer to get, but thankfully, not miserable! I was SO thrilled that I could walk away from Easter dinner out at a fancy restaurant feeling SO good!!!! THANK YOU LORD for purchasing my freedom!

Got to buy some clothes before we went home, too. I found just what I was looking for…a little dressy (sort of) jean jacket to wear over the dress I had worn for Easter (a bit after the fact, maybe! LOL!) and a sweat jacket for tennis. LOL!

I am loving that my kids have been playing tennis here at the courts for almost an hour now without fighting…how weird is that???? VERY weird! God is doing MIRACLES IN ALL OF US! LOL! I would be out there playing with them except my toe is killing me…I hurt it getting into the back seat today.

All for now. Thank you Lord for your amazing goodness.