Observation and correction time.

The family went to the tennis courts late after hubby got home. Dinner was put off so we could play before it got too dark. My son got irritated out the wazoo about stuff and that tweaked me and put my shorts in a bunch. :-/ Such a godly humble response! NOT!

Came home and continued preparing the mexican feast which I typically eat within appropriate parameters. God has done such an amazing work.

Hubby was whipping up some fresh salsa and since the kids were hiding out in their room, his typical “taste tester” (our daughter) wasn’t available. I tasted the salsa and it was SOOOOOO good I had more tastes…and then more. I justify no restraint, I suppose, because I literally do not eat a vegetable unless it is in salsa. Knowing that vegetables are good for me (rationalize rationalize…) I kept tasting. I knew that I was rapidly using up my 0-5 eating space in my stomach for chips and salsa and that would normally be fine, but I KNEW I wanted to have some chicken, rice, beans, etc., etc., before my meal was over.

The upshot…I blew it. I think this is a 6…or maybe I would even call it a 7 because I HATE THIS FEELING. I don’t even like a 5, as I have mentioned before.

So observe and correct:

Observation: I got emotional (emotional eating about struggles with Daniel have been a habit of my past)…

Planned Correction next time: Be ready. As soon as a conflict happens with my son, I should hit my knees (sooner would be good) so that I won’t have an arrogant attitude.

Observation: there are more…but I set this down to put Michaela to bed and that was an hour ago…now I am too tired to think…

Lord, forgive me my arrogant, self-righteous attitude. I see that it allowed me to slip into some bad habits. Humble me, Lord .