…and a truckload of captivity…GONE GONE GONE!!!!

I got on the scale this morning and I guess it was 10 pounds less than on April 1! I was surprised! The total gone from my body is 62 pounds and I feel SO much better. Given my goal was 50 by now …given that God has had SO much work to do in my heart…I am SOOOOO THRILLED!!!! I can hardly believe the work He has done.

When I began this blog in November of 2006, it was BY FAITH when I called it “God is Doing a New Thing.” I knew the promise of scripture that God IS doing a new thing, but I also knew my own track record…for years, whenever I started back on the path again, I would derail my efforts.

But God is busy at work completing that which he began and by the time I get to heaven he will! LOL! I do feel so much better and I am thankful that the shame is gone. I don’t agonize each week (before church) about what to wear (I know…how worldly minded of me!), and I don’t obsess. Lately, I have been sick and I just haven’t felt up to execising. My REAL life takes a lot out of me. I am not used to being sick, having been healthy for quite a while, so I just let go of my desire to exercise, knowing that my body won’t demand as much food.

There is such freedom here.

Lately, God has been showing me more and more that my body needs less food than I even thought. It isn’t an “anorexic” thing either. It just is the way my body is. Sometimes, I get quite an attitude about it and I hope to see this GONE soon, too. I would like to release ALL hold that I have to food except as fuel. But I still love the things I love just SO much.

One thing, though, that concerns me is that there is still this insidious root of pride and arrogance that seems to weave its way through too many of my thoughts and the moments of life. I want it ERADICATED!