God has shown me recently that I continue to have an ungodly attachment to food. Granted, not like it was, but I haven’t yet experienced total freedom. I know that it pleases him for me to delight in meals that are God-ordained. But I am really blown away by how little it takes to sustain by body. I am so thankful that I have a supportive family that doesn’t obsess about how little I am eating. I am plenty healthy. Gosh, I haven’t been sick at all this year…not since last spring (I think)…not really.

God has shown me that the tiny little snack-wrap, for instance, that I buy at McDonalds when we go is actually a bit more than I need most of the time. What a great surprise! I just assumed that McDonalds can tell me how much I need to eat! LOL! So now, I have been leaving the last 1/4 or so of the snack wrap and tossing it in the trash…I do that before we are done with the meal so that I won’t eat it while I wait for others to finish. Next thing is I want to learn to slow down my eating so much that I pace myself to finish when others do.

Releasing more food and more weight…the best part of it is my heart is lighter.