From October through the end of December, I reported daily to my accountability partner using a report form that was rather stringent. I found that I chafed somewhat…it threw me back a bit into a dieting mentality. For years I couldn’t use any of the tools in Thin Within. A couple of years ago, I began to be able to use some of the tools with freedom.

During the holidays of 2008, however, I saw a shift in my thinking that was definitely not God’s plan for me!

So during January, I stepped back from that and got unstructured in my accountability. This hasn’t been quite right either!

Below is a new “form” I am trying. It is a happy medium that I hope will work for this leg of my journey.

Date ____________________


Start #

End #





You are welcome to use this as well if you like. 🙂 But be sure you have the Lord’s “go ahead” on it.

The first column “Time” is self-explanatory.

The second, “Start #” refers to my hunger number on the hunger scale. “0” is physical hunger that I have learned is an ache or gnawing sensation just below my sternum. It isn’t a sound, a “growl,” as I can have those sounds when I am digesting food! “0” is definitely EMPTY…physical emptiness and need for nourishment!

The third column, “End #” refers to where my hunger level is on the hunger scale when I stop eating. “5” is defined as physically satisfied, but for me, it is easiest to stop at the right moment if I consider “No longer hungry” that place. It is a place where the discomfort of hunger has been removed. If I eat more slowly, I can eat a bit more. So often I eat too fast (I am working on this) and it takes the stomach 10 minutes or more to signal the brain it has had enough food!

The fourth column is “Observation.” This is where I dispassionately observe my behaviors and beliefs during my meal. (Yes, ANY time food is eaten, it is a “meal.” Even a “snack” is a “meal.”) For instance, “I ate too fast,” “Got distracted” might be observations.

The fifth column is “Correction,” and it directly relates to my observation column. It is the practical thing I will do to avoid whatever behavior or belief didn’t agree with my goal to honor God with my eating and drinking.

Let me know if you try this! 🙂