This is a short video clip that my daughter took of me going down our saucer run while we were at Lake Tahoe this week.

I wish I could describe all that I feel and think when I see this video. There is so much here.

I know I said it already…So many years I saw them off. I spent the vacation times at home while the family went up to the snow to have fun…I chose to stay home instead of trying to shove my body into warmer clothes and to labor climbing up the sledding hills in the thinner air and higher elevation. I didn’t want the humiliation that I felt being so self-conscious…and I couldn’t see how putting my body through so much work could be fun for me. I was so out of shape. The humiliation and shame of how I looked and that I would be embarassed…well, it all tormented me.

So I just told the kids and hubby I would hold down the fort at home and take care of all the animals, have some quiet time alone and all would be fine.

For years I missed out on so much.

Now, Daniel doesn’t enjoy the snow as much as he did when he was younger. It won’t be long before my babies are grown up and off on their own with other things to do than go with their folks to the snow or play on saucer runs.

I chose to miss it.

Please, reader…don’t miss living because of weight or your self-concept. God has more than that for us! He wants us to LIVE! If you are tempted to give in to isolating because of shame or whatever the reason…don’t do it. Don’t let the enemy win. The battle is worth the fight for a million reasons.