Hi, everyone. We are on vacation in Zephyr Cove in South Lake Tahoe. The internet connection is unreliable–so no blogging for me!

Here are a few pictures…hopefully the internet connection will last as I upload!

A snow angel! Aptly named as this is my 14-year-old daughter, Michaela…an angel, herself! 😉

There wasn’t much snow when we came up here, but we managed to carve a saucer run in between rocks, bushes, trees, and fallen logs–things that would normally be covered in a dozen feet of snow! Oh well! In the above picture, I am careening down the hill…waving as I come!

This is the man I love pretending to be a moose. 🙂

For years, I refused to go on these snow trips with my family. My weight and self-perception totally hindered me. I love that I can join them now and have a blast with them–even if the snow doesn’t cooperate!

I wish I hadn’t waited to live. I missed many years of enjoyment with my family by allowing my sense of value be determined by my weight…