My accountability partner is a godsend.

After about a week of my sending her my hunger graphs each night, she shared these thoughts with me:

Most of the days, you do really well until evening. You get your spiritual feeding in the morning, when you have your time with God. You have your physical feeding throughout the day, as you get physically hungry and eat. Is your spiritual strength wearing thin in the evening, so you falter and stumble, and eat, at night? Is it possible for you to take 10-15 minutes alone of quiet time with God after dinner or even late afternoon, or even 8:00ish? Just some time to strengthen you so you don’t fall into eating because you have grown spiritually weak because you have not fed yourself spiritually since early in the day.

Isn’t this great? She is so right. The Lord showed this to me years ago, in fact…it was at 3:30 each day that I struggled…and so I began having extra time with the Lord about 2:30 and that sure helped. So I will take my accountabilty partner’s advice…I did tonight, in fact.
Another suggestion from my friend:

The other time you have a problem is when you get frustrated or angry and turn to food instead of going to God with the emotion. Can you, IN THAT MOMENT, ask God how you are feeling? If you know how you are feeling, can you tell God how you are feeling about whatever it is, instead of eating? You usually identify the feeling after the fact, but can you, IN THAT MOMENT, determine the feeling and take it to God? I realize I am throwing your words in your face, but that’s where I learned a lot.

What a blessing is someone who is honest in the Lord! She is right. I have used the words “Grab the moment and surrender it to Him” so many times (or words like these). God is faithful to USE a moment upon another moment upon another to build days that honor him…yet I DO tend to let precious moments slip by. My friend has brought up something important. So I plan to capture more of those moments for Him.