One of my goals for this go through of the Thin Within book has been to be more diligent in eating 0 to 5. This has included refining my hunger numbers. I typically have stopped eating when I am “No longer hungry” instead of “Just before too much.” I have been calling that a “3” though…what that has amounted to is that I “fudge” a bit at times.

Since that clearly has been a provision for my “flesh,” I have decided (not too long ago) to redefine that as a 5.

I also decided that this goal of “being more diligent about eating 0 to 5” would best be accomplished with the help of using the Hunger Graph.

Additionally, I have solicited the assistance of an accountability partner! I send her my Hunger Graph each day. She has been a tremendous help to me and won’t let me get away with justifying anything!

I have to say, a year ago, I don’t think this would have been helpful. But it is now. God alone knows why!

Yesterday’s Hunger Graph is below :

I had five eating occasions, as you can see. The first four were at 0. I did pretty ok until lunch and then “fell off the wagon” again later in the evening.

In talking about this with my accountability partner, it has helped me to see where I get derailed. It is emotions. I need to purposely invite God into my emotions. Yesterday I worked hard on developing a website for the lady who helps me with my horses (Melissa Pelletier…she is awesome!). I was frustrating myself and not getting other really important things done because of my stubbornness. I insisted that I could learn something, to figure it out…when the truth is…most who do that on web pages (I have found) have some sort of developer software that they use for it. I refused to “be beaten” by it…and I should have set it aside.

Anyhow, I got frustrated and decided to eat! Duh!

So, I am resolving to be deliberate about inviting God into my emotions. Here’s hoping.