Good grief. What on EARTH have I been DOING today? 🙁 (Blogspot needs emoticons!)

The answer to that question is: “Eating everything in sight.”

I don’t think I have EVER had a day like this since starting down this path in November of 2006.

It began as just a “slight” mess up…I ate when I was at a 1 and went to a 6. (Instead of 0 to 5 or true physiological hunger and stopping when satisfied.)

Then, before I knew it, YIKES!!! The lady Michaela babysits for sent us home with two HUGE bags of home made cookies!!!! GOOD GRIEF! In the five minute ride home, I had “offed” 4 cookies!

I have now tied those bags up in double plastic grocery bags and shoved them up into the closet. I will let my mother–er…my *daughter*…know of my difficulty and she will keep me in line!

Hubby wants to take those cookies to neighborhood fellowship group tomorrow night…what he doesn’t realize is that I was on my way to polishing BOTH bags off and they would likely be GONE before then! Just when he wasn’t looking for 15 minutes! (After having too much pizza for dinner, too…bleah!)

Everyone around here thinks I am just so “saintly” now…given how “faithfully” I have applied myself to eating 0 to 5 for over a year. I feel like a hypocrite. Bleah.

Today has proven “But for the grace of God, there go I…” down the tubes….I mean, in a heartbeat.

How is it that chocolate chip cookies can still have such power over me that I would throw out every sane thought?

Ok…now it is time to practice what I preach so well. I am going to observe and correct…confess and repent…I am going to consider this defeat anything BUT a final defeat! Nope. It is a hiccup on my path, but that is IT. This failure does NOT define ME. The Lord Jesus defines me and in His eyes and because of His sacrifice, I am a saint in His eyes. I am redeemed. I am His precious child.

I choose to live like it. This moment is snatched for His glory. I am pressing the restart button right now. I am forgetting what is behind and pressing on to what is ahead.

(I feel sick, though…bleah…)

I may go to bed and end this day!