I praise God that His mercies are NEW each morning.

In my sin last night you know what? I got angry. Interesting how rather than humbly bow before the Lord, I would just cop an attitude and get angry. I can sort of laugh about it now…how like a spoiled child I can be!

I went to bed. That was a good move. I was tired.

I am up early this morning, planning to ride with my daughter on a trail ride…this day is new, stretching before me with possibilities to grow closer to the Lord.

I choose to forget what is behind!

I hope to write later today about how to pick an accountability partner since some of you have asked about that!

Then, in future “installments” I hope to post how to make it through the rest of this season without being like “most Americans” who gain weight this time of year! We don’t need to and we can still enjoy the holidays anyhow! I know it for a fact!

I praise you, Lord, that you have given all of us who are here, a new day, flooded full and overflowing with your new tender mercies. Thank you that because of Jesus, we can approach the throne of grace boldly to receive mercy and help in our time of need. Oh, how I need you today! Thank you that you are King, yet you are intimate with me. Thank you that you know me and love me and like the children’s story, The Runaway Bunny, there is NO place I can run where you aren’t there, arms open wide, beckoning me homeward. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank you, Lord! In the name of Jesus, Amen!