Bo has an appointment early Tuesday morning with a different vet clinic than the one who sent the vet out. I haven’t had a vet I really like for years and he is retired now. So anyhow, we begin again early Tuesday morning. I just need to pray for dear Bo and the wisdom and kindness of the vets and staff.

Bo and I will try to get acquainted with the car this weekend and on Monday and hopefully treats and stuff in it will help him to feel better about it. I just don’t know. I may have to muzzle him because he gets sooooo fearful. I am really concerned about that, too. The vet clinic does not want me to sedate him (we used dramamine when we moved from Rocklin).

From what I understand, Bo will probably have to spend the entire day there for tests to be run. Then, depending on the results, if he has heartworm, they would need to hospitalize him. I just don’t know how this will go. I am very uncertain.

Bo is very connected to my Thin Within journey. He was given to us by God just before the writing of the Thin Within book. In fact, God used him throughout the writing of the book and workbook to remind me of His unconditional love for me, his wandering sheep. Bo was a stray who we chose to shower with love–just because it gives us joy. God has chosen to shower love on each one of us just because it gives him joy to do so. God wants us to rest in this new identity he gives to us. Bo is only now, after all this time (over 6 years), beginning to settle into our home (his issue has been my husband) and to trust in the identity he has been given as our special family dog.

God often uses animals and real life things to remind me of powerful lessons and truths and right now, for me and to remember the timing of Bo’s entrance into our life (as a stray who we later discovered was a resident of a wolf rescue) and all the things that God has shown me through him…well…it is pertinent right now, certainly.

If any of you wouldn’t mind praying for Bo…we would appreciate it. He is 10 years old and is quite skittish. His early days, before we got him, set him up to be very fearful. Just about 9 months ago, God caused my path to cross with a lady who recognized my story about Bo (and his name and age matched). She connected me with the lady who placed him in the wolf rescue and I got to find out about Bo’s early life and his mom and dad. Talk about “amazing.” I know God wanted me to have some of my answers.

Since Samson died in July of 2006, Bo has plunged himself even more deeply into our hearts, connecting to my kids and me in deeper ways. He has also begun to make overtures to my husband who has wanted Bo to trust him all this time. My husband has a soft heart for Bo…(well, that will be tested with the upcoming vet bill!).

I guess please pray it rains money too…