Some of you might wonder if I have come back from the backslide. LOL! I figure I better share.

Yes, God has a hold on me.

But there are some things I get to cope with.

I stepped on the scale today and while I hate to admit it, somehow, the number was TEN pounds more than my lowest weight on May 1.

My dieting mentality out of the past would send me into a tizzy about this.

Fortunately, though, I don’t buy that for a moment. I happen to know that my weight is always quite a bit higher during certain times of the month. I will weigh again on June 1 and count that for sure.

But I know that in the past, seeing that sort of LEAP upwards almost overnight would cause me to freak out…major panic. Major panic brings with it major discouragement and major rebellion.

But GOD IS DOING A NEW THING (have I said that before? LOL!) and so this time, it just isn’t so. First of all reality…my clothes aren’t fitting like I have gained 10 pounds! So I choose to think the scale is doing a number on me and that Satan is hoping I will cave in.

I also don’t NEED the scale to tell me that my priorities have been out of whack. Even before I got on the scale, apart from any number telling me so, I knew that I have eaten outside of godly parameters lately…but only for a week or so, if that!

So what about the number on the scale? Well, I think I will blow it off. Yes, I will. Why? Because this isn’t about weight even though in my flesh I may want to make it be about my weight. It really isn’t. It is about my walk with the Lord. The scale doesn’t really weigh that at all. The Holy Spirit living in me tells me the truth about that. So that is the *scale* I will heed..the scale of the Spirit who weighs my choices and brings godly conviction.

Yesterday and today I have handed this aspect of my life back to the Lord. No, not perfectly, but I am listening to His voice again and responding in kind. One step at a time is all he asks of me.

I am so glad that God isn’t like me…I lose my patience with myself so easily. God’s long suffering is…well…loooooong…suffering! LOL!

Thank you, Lord.