Hi, everyone. Please forgive this digression for just this entry (or that is my intent). This won’t become a political blog.

It is laid on my heart to share with you another new work that God is doing in my heart and life. Maybe it is that food is finally out of the way and so I can expand my vision–I don’t know. But for the first time in my life I care about our presidential nominations and who ends up in the White House next year.

I can’t believe it, but I have actually volunteered to be involved in the campaign and have donated money! My husband has applied to be a delegate. No other candidate for any election in any other year has ever caused the embers in our heart to burn for change as this candidate has.

Will you consider joining us? Mike Huckabee is the man who has our unflinching support. If you do some research about him (if you haven’t yet) I bet God will set a fire in your heart, too. No human is perfect, to be sure, but Governor Huckabee…he deserves some consideration and prayer as to whether he is God’s man for the job as next President of the United States!

Please watch some of his videos and read some of his position statements. (Here is one video that I am blessed to hear how unapologetically he presents his faith.)

His campaign is grassroots. He has no huge budget but is soliciting support from people like you and like me. I hope you will consider making a donation.

Aside from being a born again believer, Governor Huckabee votes according to his God-touched conscience. He doesn’t vote a “party line,” but evaluates the needs and does what he feels led to do. If you go to You Tube and check it out, there are a lot of video clips of ads, debates and so forth where he has been articulate, thoughtful, challenging and demonstrated an incredible sense of humor, commitment to the Lord and His work, and a willingness to take America forward.

His website is found here.

I really believe this is someone that God can use to bring godly values to our nation again. It is my prayer, anyhow! Even if he *did* write a “diet” book! LOL! (He lost 100 pounds!)