My husband has released 11 or 12 pounds. 😀 But more…he has sure gotten smart, too! LOL! He has encouraged me with things to share here in my blog…thus the photos, for instance, of the portions and other things, too. Today, I share some things that come straight from HIS brain and a bit from his heart, too. Thank you, hubby, for your willingness to share with those who visit my (now it is OUR) blog! 😀

Years ago, before he carried much weight in his tummy, he would do this cute little giggle like the Pillsbury Dough-Boy on TV commercials. He has a round face anyhow, so he really is adorable. LOL! So, for this entry, he has the affectionate name of “Dough Boy.” 🙂

After we made our photographic series on our Anniversary Dinner, Dough Boy took his leftovers to work. Our daughter had eaten a fajita or two out of Dad’s leftovers, but Dough Boy had enough left for a wonderful lunch. He was looking forward to it. He got to work early, put the carryout box in the breakroom fridge, and went to his morning meeting. After the meeting, Dough Boy was ready for lunch and his fajitas were on his mind.

He went to the fridge in the breakroom. The take out box with, what HE calls, his “precioussssss….” was GONE!
After snooping around to try to discover the solution to this mystery, hubby discovered his boss had “cleaned out” the fridge, assumed the box was left from before the New Year holiday and THREW IT OUT! Oh! Hubby’s heart did break! He has mentioned this event repeatedly since then and always with a sad little pout referring to his “preciousssss……” (Did I ever tell you how much fun hubby is? He is so silly!)
Friday night, the family went out to Carls Jr. and Dough Boy ordered a Western Bacon Burger with fries. He shared the fries and wrapped up half his burger to take home. Good grief! Will wonders ever cease! 🙂
Then, yesterday, we had our weekly date–just he and I–and went to “Main Street.” I ordered a burger and fries. He ordered a taco and chips and salsa. I cut off about 1/4 of my burger and put the rest in the carry out (they are large burgers). The rest was for my daughter and I to share later. I had about 10 fries and the rest went into the carry out.
Dough Boy had some chips, salsa, and his taco. In the past, he would have had all of that *and* my burger AND all the fries. There would have been NO food left for us to take home.
Even so, when we got into the car Dough Boy said, “Oh…I am at a SEVEN!” He can’t believe how his stomach has adjusted to eating differently. It takes SO much less food to satisfy and eating slowly is so key when you eat so little.
Last night, at Neighborhood Fellowship Group, there were tiny brownies about the size of dice. I kid you not! How funny is that? Dough Boy commented on the way home how “bingeing” has been redefined for him. It used to be eating taco, chips, burger and fries. Now it is eating a taco after the chips. A lot less food. It used to be half a pan of brownies. Now it is one chocolate chip cookie and 2 brownie dice. LOL.
Dough Boy says that he feels God is doing a new thing in his heart and life, too. He says God has been showing him a lot of flaws in his life that he needs to take seriously and address.
I realize sharing these things has *seemed* rather silly and frivolous. I mean, I am using silly pictures, for instance…but if you knew the strongholds that have been in our lives…you would know that this has been a result of serious spiritual warfare…we rolled over and refused to fight. We did’t “struggle” at all. We lived for years, just letting the enemy have his way with us and with our home. Ok, so *I* may have put up a fight every so often…but as my testimony has indicated…it was only a matter of time before I bellied up again.
I am thankful for a new season.