I am learning so much since setting aside the Oreo milkshakes *and* the scale.

I really thought that when I got to what seemed a reasonable weight (lower than I ever imagined, really) that getting on the scale every day to “stay honest” was totally A-ok. I felt like I “didn’t have a problem” with the scale.

I see now that I had been using it to condone eating whatever I could “get away with” to stay at that weight! I have no idea what my weight is doing right now…so because I don’t have that “go ahead,” I *am* more in tune with what God is saying to me about 0 and about stopping eating.

It is interesting to me that these two things were feeding one another. Because the scale stayed at a certain weight, I justified eating even when not hungry…and since I was eating when not hungry, I felt compelled to “keep on top of things” by weighing. Both are reflective of a heart not heeding the voice of the Spirit!

And I wondered how I had developed a hardened heart! HA! There it is! Plainly.

That said, if I had to do it again, would I not get on a scale during the releasing of weight stage of my journey? I think I *might* change my approach and depend even less on the scale than I did. Last night at my new support group I am leading, someone asked me if she should weigh only now and again at the end of 12 weeks, when our study closes…and I really couldn’t answer that. It will have to be between her and the Lord…and I trust that he will make it clear. I don’t think it helps to get on it even weekly and I know Judy Halliday hasn’t owned a scale in 30 years! LOL!

Anyhow, it floors me to see how subtly this prideful attitude had crept in. The scale use was all in the name of “to keep me honest.” HA! The Holy Spirit can do that! I know I have said that before…but who will I obey…God or the scale? Just because the scale doesn’t expose my greed or pride doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Now I come face to face with it!

Funny how that is.