Image Source: iStockPhoto

Image Source: iStockPhoto

This was the subject heading of an email I received last week from one of my coaching clients.

I went on to read:

“Yep, you read that right.  I hate my legs and butt because of all of the cellulite so I decided to pray that I would love it.  That may sound weird but I know that I have to completely accept my body before I can relax and learn to eat like a normal person.  When I go shopping for clothing and I see myself in the mirror, it sends me over the edge with disappointment and it’s a big trigger to find a diet.  I decided that God wants us to turn to him for everything and that he loves my cellulite so he can make me love it.   I just don’t want to feel that urgency that I have to lose weight by a certain time anymore.  I know if I keep going and eating 0-5 I will get there. ”

Thank you, Debbie, for giving permission for me to share this GREAT perspective here with others who will read it.

How about you? Will you pray that God will help you to love your ____________? (Maybe it is your hips, thighs–or cellulite…whatever aspect of your body that you secretly or, not so secretly, despise.) What might be the results of loving this “part” of your body with God’s love?