Image Source: iStockPhoto

Image Source: iStockPhoto

I am finally becoming the child I never was.

Said by Sudebaker

As a child growing up, I wasn’t safe. I feared and experienced abandonment frequently. Life was devoid of the safety and protection of reliable authority figures.

Any surprise that I struggle with God as a wonderful, reliable, safe and strong authority figure today?

But I am growing in this–even now! As I sit in his presence and experience his love, tenderness, compassion, strength, and beauty, I am able finally to experience what it is to be a child–His child.

This video is of a great Jason Gray song…I just have to share it with you for your renewing of the mind playlists (editing this post after it has posted because I don’t want it just stuck in the comments!):

To buy it on Amazon, click the link here.

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How about you? Is God calling you to become a trusting child? How so?