Some of us are studying Thin Within, by Arthur and Judy Halliday this summer.

If you have already seen the assignment for this week in my previous blog entry, I have just modified it to include chapter 2. These are goals only…so don’t worry if you don’t get it done. I may not. I scheduled out tentative goals for each week so we could finish by the end of August, but, again, this is only tentative.

If you do not keep the pace I suggest or even the pace I keep (which may be slower still), please do not beat yourself up…just hang in there. It sometimes takes longer to digest the more nutritious aspects of a meal, right? Likewise, to really assimilate the important teachings that the Lord has for us.

So here is the assignment for June 1-7 again in case I have made this utterly confusing already!

Please read from the title page through page 26, highlight, make notes, answer the questions in the book, etc! Cover your experience with prayer and keep referring to your bible whenever possible. That is the most important guidebook for this process!