Hi, folks. If I had my act together, I would have prepared tomorrow’s blog entry today. I tried, but didn’t get it together. I am in California, so I am behind you all anyhow…(or probably!). So, tomorrow’s entry will be a bit later than many of you are starting your day.

So, I am preempting myself by posting an assignment tonight!

But first, let me share with you what my plan is…

Mondays: Once each week, I will post an assignment–or what my intention is to accomplish that week in the book. It isn’t in concrete…I want to bend and flex with what the Lord leads, but I also want to honor those of you who like to have ducks in a row…so once each week – Monday morning, I will post a written assignment. You are welcome to respond to that entry as you do the assignment or later in the week–whatever the Lord leads you to do.

Mondays: Additionally, I hope to post a short (like 2 minutes) video. I am a visual person. I love having this sense that I can see you and talk to you. Mind you, I am NOT trying to be Beth Moore as much as I admire her! In fact, my first “takes” of what I had hoped to share with you tomorrow morning, leave the Lifeway folks with NOTHING to fear…I am trying only to be who God has made me…With that in mind, I am a bit of a ham, admittedly, but what I have is a passion for the Lord and His Word and this material and what he has done in my life…and IS doing! OH MY! I get excited just thinking about it! I want so desperately to communicate these things to you any way I can. I hope that if I miss doing that in writing here at the blog, God can use short video clips to encourage you or exhort you–especially if you are visual too!

Tuesday – Sundays: I will likely post daily or almost daily, what God is showing me (I hope to keep these short) or things that are triggered by my reading and studying in the Thin Within book and God’s Word. Sometimes this will include questions that you may want to consider in your own journey. Sometimes it will just be my thoughts…and prayers. These will be posted on and off throughout the week. Some weeks I may have 8 entries! Some weeks two…

Ok…so that said, tomorrow morning, I will be running a day late and a dollar short. So here is my goal for the first week, from Monday June 1 to Sunday, June 7 so…officially your tentative assignment:

Please read the Acknowledgments, About the Authors, Introduction, and complete the Before You Begin section. Please please please, write in your book! Highlight, make notes, write out prayers and have your journal close at hand if you are choosing to keep one. Of course, your bible should be next to you and you may want to look up verses in context.

As you read these pages, please notice how the authors feel about the Lord, what their focus is…I like to feel like I am getting to know the authors of the books that I choose to study. If a person isn’t sold out to the Lord, I don’t want to give myself to studying a book they have written. Or not typically.

The Introduction and Before You Begin sections are REALLY important. Please don’t skip them! You will see immediately why you will want to write in your book and never lend it to someone else! 🙂

Please cover your time with the Lord and this book and HIS book–the bible–in prayer. When you are stumped by a question in the Before You Begin section, ask him for wisdom and wait on him to impress your heart with the answer.

Before the week is over, I hope to also read through Day One on pages 3-14 and Day Two on pages 15-26, so feel free to go into that material as well.

Summary of Assignment for June 1 – June 7:

Read and complete everything in the book from the title page 🙂 through page 26. 😀 Highlight, write your answers down, take notes…and feel free to pop in here at the blog and see what is going on daily or however frequently your schedule allows!

I hope to post the little video tomorrow afternoon.

OFF WE GO!!!!!