Well, like I said, it sure isn’t Lifeway or Beth Moore…but I just want to sit down with ya all and talk with you! I picture you when I talk out loud to you…so…here ya go. Under 2 minutes. YAY!

The text I use for this little video “Hurrah!” is Hebrews 12:1-3. I urge you to meditate on it as you begin this journey. Prayerfully ponder what is entangling you or burdening you down? What would keep you from being “successful” in “hiking” forward with the Lord?

Most of all, PLEASE…FIX YOUR EYES ON HIM! Every time we focus on our past failures (or current ones) or our past “track record,” we lose momentum…Fix your eyes on what is AHEAD. Jesus has gone before us. He suffered and kept at it all. We want HIM to fill our vision!!!

I think I have posted three entries for today! That is way over quota and I don’t want anyone discouraged! So I will shut my yap now! 🙂

The assignment for week one is found here.