Hey, all…I had a thought. You know how, in Thin Within, we have a new term…”Release” instead of “Lose” weight? The “scale” is the hunger scale instead of the bathroom scale?

Well, what if we were to redefine yet another term? What if we took the term “trigger” and instead of using it to describe something that sends us into a binge or eating outside of the 0-5 parameters, we were to refer to a “trigger” as something that sets in motion a series of things that we are *intentional* about…making *godly* choices about?

For instance, someone I know of refers to having a “trigger” each week…a visit from her mother who has just been to see her therapist to help her through some intense difficulties. (I don’t know about you, but I have found I need a therapist after seeing a therapist!) I guess this friend’s mom likes to “debrief” with her daughter. These visits are always tough… My friend referred to this weekly visit from her mom as a “trigger” for out-of-control eating. I have also heard others refer to certain foods as “trigger” foods.

How about if we decide that something…the food or the phone call..whatever it is for you, instead of being a trigger to set off overeating, is actually a trigger for a set of intentional Spirit-led behaviors?

When (or after) I get the visit, for instance, I will:
* turn on worship music
* write out in my journal 10 gratitudes
* pray for 5 people that God lays on my heart
* call a friend in need
* go for a prayer walk

…and so on… we could actually set up a Godly routine that would be “set in motion” by the “trigger.” Does that make sense?
Anyhow, just a thought…