Goodness! What is God up to? (Why doesn’t blogger have smiley faces? LOL!)

October 3rd begins my first real live LIVE group! I will be leading a live group for women at my home church. I am excited and nervous! On Monday (day after tomorrow) I will begin meeting with a lady who will be in accountability with me…she will help pray me through leading this group. I am very excited and I hope she grows through the experience and experiences goals of becoming healthier too. I SO need support.

This week, I was gone ALL week at bible horsemanship camp. It was quite an intense week. WONDERFUL, but they schedule everything. While I wasn’t totally on their program (I took my own breakfast foods and foods I could eat if hungry), the lunch and dinners were so amazing…I hadn’t eaten that richly in a long while. I am paying for it today with a stomach in upheaval! I hadn’t realized just how much my palate had changed! WOW! Tomorrow I will weigh and see if there was any damage…I know the truth without weighing…I didn’t submit completely to the Lord. Some, yes, but I went back for another bit of home made cheesecake last night (oh my word, was that yummy and I think it is what pushed me over the edge with my tum tum at 3:30am when I was whining in the outhouse, shivering my socks off! LOL!…sorry…too much info, I bet! LOL!)…anyhow, that little tidbit of cheesecake isn’t the problem, but the attitude of pride is…that says I can do what I want and get away with it…that was with me a bit more than I would like to admit this week.

I munched on granola and almonds when I was hungry, but there were times when I had to really stop and evaluate…AM I hungry? Or am I just wanting to CRUNCH?


Well, here is to regaining my focus right now!

Lord, I reject the toe-hold that the enemy is attempting to get in my life. I know his plans for me ARE for Harm…to hurt me, to warp my mind, to thrash me, to give me a terrible “future,” one burdened and with NO hope. But you have set me free from that! Shall I return to slavery! NO WAY! Thank you, Lord, that your grace is enough for me! In the precious Name of Jesus, AMEN!