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Image Provided by iStock Photo

What a great week we have ahead of us! I am thrilled to see so many of you participating and continuing to post. This is an awesome experience for me.

And I do so hope you had an amazing Resurrection Day pondering the awesomeness of our Jesus’ victory over the grave!

If you are just joining us and have landed on this page, I encourage you to go back to Week 1 and do Day 1 of the study. Then come back here and join us right where we are. The bible studies are each stand-alone, though it is best to lay a foundation with the first one.

(If you are subscribed with email, please come to the blog to view the video.)


  • Read and do Barb’s material for  Day 9 – Evaluation  at her blog. Share with us here how your evaluation goes and what changes God prompts you to make. I showed you mine, so you have to show me yours! LOL!
  • Read and do Barb’s Day 10 – Emotional Eating study at her blog as well.
  • Keep up with your renewing of your mind goal. Do you need to adjust it at all? If so, do so and then be sure to renew your mind numerous times each day.
  • Consider creating your own audio file–you can download the files I have at Sound Cloud if you want and put them on your iPod or a CD or record your own voice! Use it to help you to renew your mind when you are driving someplace… after work on the way home, going to pick up the kids at school, on your way to a board meeting. Whatever works, use it!
  • Have you tried truth journaling yet? Is this week a week to try it? Here is the link to the blog post that tells about it.
  • Continue to post here and participate in community. Remember, each time you comment here OR AT BARB’s blog about this study, we enter your name into the drawing for Friday!