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Choosing Jesus

Recently while teaching my music classes, I was using a book that came with a CD.  It is an adaptation of the song “If You’re Happy And You Know It” (how many of you automatically sang in your head and next came “clap your hands”? ) I love this book and so do the children. […]

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True Satisfaction

I recently shared in the Hunger Within class that I am co-leading, how I identify with the blog post written by my dear friend and co-leader Deanna Lewis. You can find her blog here: I have been and will probably be again the woman in this picture. I have eaten like this in periods […]

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Self Will Run Riot

I suffer from Self Will Run Riot. You may have never heard that phrase unless you have graced the rooms of 12 Step meetings. I don’t have outbreaks of this behavior all the time. Many days go by and I am happy as can be. And then it hits…BAM!! I am out of control and […]

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I’ll Start Tomorrow

I’ve been thinking about the excuses I use to keep from doing what God is calling me to do. I know that I will make the time needed to do the things I want to do, but those things that He asks me to do that feel like stepping off a cliff, and I know […]

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Keys to Conscious Eating

  I hope that you woke up this morning, with these thoughts on your heart… I am fearfully and wonderfully made! We can believe it! You know what? Here’s the thing…if our God is awesome (and I bet not a one of you reading this would say you don’t agree with that assertion), if he is so […]

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The Snowball Effect

We just got hit with a massive snowstorm here in Colorado! I awoke to 10 inches of snow on the ground and another 2 inches have fallen in the last 3 hours alone. It didn’t look like it was going to let up anytime soon, so I headed out to shovel our driveway and sidewalk. […]

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Boundaries Are GOOD!

I am the Music and Movement teacher for my church’s preschool and I love it!  Believe it or not, these little children teach ME lessons almost every day!  I learn the art of forgiving quickly, finding wonder and excitement in little things, seeing beauty in the simplest of things and so much more.  But, I […]

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The New Me

My body is fearfully and wonderfully made by God Himself. My body is meant to serve my spirit, not the other way around. My body houses my spirit and enables me to be able to go wherever the Spirit of God leads me.  Matthew 6:26 (NIV) tells us something important. Birds are free from the […]

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Child of Liberty

  God wants to fill me up. When I’m empty and need Him. He’s right here. When I’m not eating past satisfaction. When I stop at my five. When I stay within my pleasant boundaries, I remain spiritually hungry, my heart wants to be nourished. That’s when I allow Him to fill me, as I […]

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