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HEAL “Group Session” #1

Much of today’s post will be written by YOU in the comments! I hope you are ready to join in! 🙂 First, put on your holy  imagination! Pretend we are on a picnic in the middle of nowhere…enjoying a crystal clear blue sky, the music of the meadowlark, the clouds drifting lazily by, and the […]

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Todays the DAY!!!! Week 1 of HEAL Study 2013

Welcome to our launch day for our study of the Healthy Eating and Abundant Living book by Allie Marie Smith and Judy Halliday (the founder of Thin Within). If you haven’t yet gotten the book, check it out here. First, a video to talk about where we are going (email subscribers may want to visit […]

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WLBS Review: Hopeless Eating, Good Food Eating, and Bad Scale Eating

Hopeless Eating – Do you struggle with the thought that I will never conquer this challenge? Do you feel like  eating and weight will always be a struggle for me? Barb shares in her study that truth journaling about this is crucial! Reason with me for a moment: Who is it you serve? What does HE say about your struggle? What does […]

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3 Ways to Conquer Church Potlucks

I got an email from one of my coaching clients. What a GREAT question she asked! I thought that others might be interested in hearing some thoughts about emerging as a conquering hero over the typical Church Potluck! If you are an email subscriber, please be sure to visit the blog site, as the emails […]

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How Much Food?

When returning to 0 to 5 eating or just starting out, sometimes it is hard to know how much food is reasonable to eat. We can eat whatever we want when we land at zero. (See my post about how to know if you are physically hungry or at a 0.) But how much food […]

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Weight Loss Bible Study Week 2

Last week, we did Day 1 and Day 2 of Barb Ravelings Weight Loss Bible Study. If you haven’t yet done that material–no problem. Go at the pace that works for you. Just keep moving forward! I shared last week that we have to be willing to renew our minds–to think differently, if we are […]

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Three Things To Renew Your Mind About

When I woke up one day and found myself at a size 24 again (I had lost 100 pounds with a popular weight loss program previously and gained most of it back in a very short period of time) I realized that I didn’t get that way magically. It was action upon action that had […]

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Renewing the Mind in Thin Within

Below is a video that I made to help people understand what it means to renew the mind…what it is, how to go about doing it and why! I hope it helps you. Thanks again to Barb Raveling for her help in understanding how to practically apply the wisdom of Romans 12:2! Summary: Renewing the […]

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Weight Loss Bible Study Preliminaries

Mark your calendars for Mondays, starting one week from today–March 4th–for our study of Barb Raveling’s Weight Loss Bible Study. We will study putting a Thin Within Spin on the material. Before we begin, I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have at the outset. First, if you know me at all, you […]

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Walking Together – Coaching Option

I have received some inquiries lately asking if I am still offering coaching. Yes, most definitely. And still at the introductory price. The details are on this page. Sometimes, we have all the knowledge we need. I know a lot of you have read the Thin Within book, done all the workbooks, read Get Thin […]

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