Seven Survival Tips for the Holidays!

When returning to 0 to 5 eating or just starting out, sometimes it is hard to know how much food is reasonable to eat. We can eat whatever we want when we land at zero. (See my post about how to know if you are physically hungry or at a 0.)

But how much food should I eat?

It is best to give yourself a portion, rather than have a bag of chips or a serving dish of food in front of you. Put an amount of food on your plate and then let that be that. Experiment a bit, but you may want to establish a boundary that whatever food you put on your plate, you will eat that (or less) and then wait 10 minutes before serving yourself more if you think you are still hungry.

A fist is a very reasonable measuring tool to use to evaluate portion size. HereΒ  is a video where I share my thoughts on the subject. πŸ™‚

Another approach is whatever you have been serving yourself up to this point (if you haven’t been eating 0 to 5), try serving yourself a third or half of that. I know this sounds extreme, but just remember you can eat again when you are hungry.

Thin Within is quite simple, really, but we find that there are times when it isn’t easy. Times when we clearly want more food than we need. We can have all the practical tidbits in the world, but if we aren’t willing to say no to our fleshly desires, if we aren’t willing to live within our good, godly and delightful boundaries, then all the wisdom and insight will make very little difference!

So, are you willing? I personally, am romancing the willingness. Will you join me?