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Week 2 REMIX! – Boundaries and Making the Plan

Here is a sound file that explains what I hope ALL of us (even those not involved in the bible study) will do! (Email subscribers need to visit the blog site to access the sound file): Our goals this week are: 1.) Establish our primary and secondary boundaries. Mine are: Primary Boundary – Eat 0 […]

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Week 2 – Boundaries & Making the Plan – Thin Within Support

Without the boundary of this fence, Daisy, my golden retriever, would (no doubt) get even CLOSER to this buck than you see in this image. From her perspective, I have little doubt that the fence “stands in the way” of much fun! The truth is, the fence–a boundary–keeps harm out (deer can be deadly) and […]

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The Last Bite is “Hard to Do!”

We hate to say good-bye, don’t we? My daughter left three weeks ago for a summer program in Wheaton Illinois and now she and her classmates are in England–London–and will be in Oxford. I won’t see her for another month. Saying goodbye to her three weeks ago was so painful as I knew I wouldn’t […]

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Encouragement from YOU!

I get so much encouragement from you all. Sometimes, you encourage me in your texts or emails. Sometimes in your comments here. I want to share some of these tidbits of encouragement with anyone who comes to the blog. Last week, Michelle posted a comment that bears highlighting. When faced with an “opportunity” to eat […]

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When Your HEAD says, “I Want Food…”

Before launching into this blog post, please respond to the poll below: Accountability page is here. Now, on to our post for today! 😀 You have  courageously and energetically run errands all day. The day has been productive! You are pleased with all that you accomplished. Now, you are headed for home, returning as the […]

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WLBS Review: Holiday/Vacation Eating and Emotional Eating

I dunno, but this lady looks nutty like I feel today. I saw this picture and there was something about it that screamed “ME!” Can you relate? For me, it is because of…well…have a look at this video (if you dare). It is more of a rant than a teaching video. Truly…it is Heidi letting […]

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Three Things to Do When You Mess Up…

A day in the life… The day begins with hot tea and the warmth of a personal encounter with Jesus. Blessings and truth gush like a fountain off the pages of the Bible and saturate your heart as you are in awe of how intimate and personal His presence is to you. You have carved […]

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Week 8 of the Weight Loss Bible Study

Welcome to our final week of studying through Barb Raveling’s Weight Loss Bible Study. We have plans to revisit this material in the future–for sure! This week, we will look at the pressure we feel in social settings. (If you subscribe via email, you may need to come to the blog site to view the video) […]

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4 Places to Avoid “Yummy Food” Eating and the Breaking of Your Boundaries

“Yummy Food” or “Good Food” eating is what we do when the food happens  to be available and we just happen  to decide to eat it. Can you relate? It is typically, a grab-and-go sort of experience…not at all a thoughtful one! For instance, you are making dinner and simply must taste the goods as you do so. A […]

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