Doc and Heidi Rebuild Trust

Doc and Heidi Rebuild Trust

I get so much encouragement from you all. Sometimes, you encourage me in your texts or emails. Sometimes in your comments here. I want to share some of these tidbits of encouragement with anyone who comes to the blog.

Last week, Michelle posted a comment that bears highlighting.

When faced with an “opportunity” to eat something–anything–when you are not hungry, but especially when a sudden “surprise goody” is made available, ask yourself this:

“If I eat that, then what?”

Will I only eat one (whatever it is)? Or will that send me down the path of eating even more? What will the rest of the day look like if I continue that way?

What if I were to, instead, invite God into this moment? Could it be an opportunity to grow in my intimacy with him?

Thanks, Michelle!

Adriane created another Sound Cloud file that I must share with you!

We have to hang in there. We *can* do this. We *can* train ourselves in godliness. Adriane points this out beautifully!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

What do you need to do today to “get back on that horse?”