12/09/06 Day 16 Thoughts

I did Day 16 yesterday, but wrote about day 15 yesterday, so thought I would try to catch up this evening. During day 16, some things really came to the forefront…actually, God keeps bringing them up. I have mentioned pride before. I guess it occurs to me that it is easy to say that I […]

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12/08/06 Day 15

I did day 15 yesterday with the First Meal of the Rest of Your Life experience happening last night for my dinner. It was an amazing experience. After all these years of toying with this material and with God and my seriousness with it, I was skeptical…how would he get through to me? I guess […]

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12/08/06 Day 14 – A Jumble of Thoughts

Hi, everyone. I have asked God to please clarify my hunger/satisfaction signals. They are muddied at times. In the past, I never had any problem with this. It seems odd that I am having difficulty with this now, when I am applying myself more wholeheartedly than ever to this approach and to giving God access […]

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12/05/06 Day 13 – Rattling On

I didn’t write anything up on day 12. Day Thirteen Wind Beneath My Wings 1. The authors state on page 131, “The intimacy God wants to share with us increases as we release to Him our unmet needs and our expectations of others and ourselves. It occurs by degrees as we surrender our mind, emotions, […]

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12/03/06 Day 11 Thoughts

I have to laugh! I posted that stuff about graduating from kindergarten and that is precisely what today’s material was on in Day 11. Or at least it sure seems related to me. After I posted, I went out to do my morning chores (feeding the horses). While I was out there, I wondered if […]

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12/03/06 It is time to graduate!

Well, duh! I just sent a note to the list saying I wasn’t ready for this lesson and went to the book and realized I *am*! YAY! I have to tell you ladies that while I have read the book many many times and even studied it with others before, I never had a heart […]

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12/02/06 Day 10 Thoughts

I decided to try a slightly bigger font. Hope it is better for you.Day 10 Building in the Present Moment 1. On page 95, the authors state, “Through His eyes, perceived failures become opportunities. He sees our need and, in His grace, responds by coming alongside us to meet that need.” Respond to this statement. […]

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12/01/06 Day 9 Thoughts

Day Nine Overcoming Obstacles to Restoration: Part 2 1. On page 87 we read, “Are we minimizing the pain and suffering of life itself? Not at all. We merely emphasize the fact that our current suffering isn’t the only truth upon which to focus. It isn’t even the primary truth. What our sovereign God has […]

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11/30/06 Day 8 Thoughts

Day Eight Overcoming Obstacles to Restoration: Part 1 2. Further down page 76 we read about Asa’s choices a bit later, however. “Asa somehow thought that God’s help wasn’t enough. He forgot that God would provide him with everything he needed as He had done before. Asa sold out. He disregarded God and defiled His […]

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11/29/06 Day 7 Thoughts

Day Seven My Body, God’s Restoration Underway As always, the timing of this day is perfect, reflecting God’s hand. Yesterday feels like the first day since I began my return to applying TW (about a month ago) that I chose a series of behaviors that weren’t in keeping with my goals. It was blatant and […]

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