2020 Thin Within Late SUMMER/Early Fall Online Classes and Learning Opportunities


We are excited to announce the beginning a new program for the rest of 2020 and into 2021! We will be offering a series of 6-week Focus Groups, intended to focus specifically on one aspect of the Thin Within journey that we have found might cause challenges for many participants! Our first Focus Group launches the week of September 14th and goes through the week of November 3rd. Details may be found by clicking the link.

Tentative Schedule for Focus Groups 2020 and 2021 (Members of the Inner Circle receive 10% off of any of our Focus Groups and Coaching Opportunities)

Week of September 14 through the week of November 3rd – From Failure to Freedom (Now taking registration)

Week of  November 16 through the week of December 28th – Holiday Victory

Week of January 4th through the week of February 8th – Deep Dive into Thin Within – The Keys to Conscious Eating

Week of February 22nd through the week of March 29th – Adventure and Experimentation of Phase 2 of Thin Within

Possibly another Focus Group (depending on need): Recovery from Abusive Teaching in the Name of Christian Diet Programs

Additionally, in January 2021, we will be offering our 6-month “Secrets and Strongholds – Beating Night-Time Over-Eating”

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Current Online Classes and Learning Opportunities:




StImage of Thin Within Book Coverudy of Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach to Lasting Weight Loss by Arthur and Judy Halliday. Presented in the Thin Within Inner Circle membership portal – Facebook is NOT required for this study! (TW Inner Circle membership *is* required…it is worth it! :-)) Heidi Bylsma- Epperson and Michael Epperson  August 17th – mid-November 2020 
Authentically Thin Within Fall Focus Group – From Failure to Freedom!

Now taking registration for this 6 week journey from Failure to Freedom!




Heidi Bylsma-Epperson and Christina Motley

Week of September 14 – Week of November 3rd
Thin Within Inner Circle Membership

Join with other like-minded individuals who are serious about their Thin Within journeys. This is for the lifestyle Thin Within participant who may not need ongoing one on one or group coaching, but would like to have access to two Thin Within coaches to ask questions and to receive training.  Get more information here.

Inner Circle members receive 10% off of Focus Groups.😃

Heidi Bylsma-Epperson and Christina Motley Ongoing – Come on along!
Considering One-on-One Thin Within Private Coaching? Visit this page to learn more about Heidi’s VIP Coaching Package. Schedule a free consult this week! 😃 Heidi Bylsma-Epperson Ongoing


5 Tips to Experience Peace with Food and Your Body

Several times/days to choose from. Meet Christina and Heidi in this 55 minute presentation with practical strategies for you!

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Heidi Bylsma-Epperson

Christina Motley


 JumpStart is Free!

(and ongoing…join ANYtime!)

If you are interested in exploring what Thin Within is about and don’t know where to begin, JumpStart will be perfect for you! It is a free 30-day email series. To find out more about this encouraging, straight-to-the-point and no-nonsense series, please visit this page telling all about it! 




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 You can also go through the material on your own any time you like. You can request to join our “secret Facebook group” where discussion is ongoing (you have to friend request Heidi Bylsma, first). Even without others to join you, you can enjoy the audios and assignments (including video) available for you here:

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