2019 Winter Classes

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Thin Within “Classic” Workbook Class – $25 

  • The same great “Classic” Thin Within teaching with a new class for the new year!
  • Great material (not included in the price of enrollment – Click Here to purchase printed copy of workbook or read on for more information). A sample of the workbook can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Two fabulous role-model teachers who are veterans in the program and on this journey with you!
  • Teaching videos and audios to share with you as you press in to give the areas of food, eating, and body image to the Lord.
  • The class is a “come-when-you-can” class, so no need to worry about missing out! All discussion happens in the Facebook group. 🙂
  • 12-weeks long
  • 60 daily bible studies in the workbook
  • Online Facebook class for interaction and discussion with others on the journey
  • Starts on January 28th and will continue until April 22nd.
  • Suitable for beginners and Thin Within and veterans and everyone in-between.
  • Michele Konicki will lead this Thin Within class with fearless co-leader, Janell Thomas.
  • Easy registration. Just click here.

NOTE: We apologize, but with increased costs to website hosting, technical support, and other expenses, we find it necessary to charge an administrative of $25. This is in addition to the cost you may incur purchasing the workbook.

Get $15 off on the purchase of the workbook, by using pdf files of the Rebuilding God’s Temple – Discovering God’s Master Plan instead of ordering the printed copy of the workbook for $40 at Amazon.  Please email Michael. He will send you an invoice for $25 to purchase the needed files. Using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can fill in the workbook blanks right there on your device or computer! No need to pay expensive shipping or printing costs!

To purchase a printed version of the workbook please visit this page at Amazon.

Michele and Janell

To register, click here.

January 28th – April 22nd
 Would you like to study on your own? Visit the Thin Within Academy where we have many courses available for you.


Prefer Self-Pacing to go through Workbook #1?

 You can also go through the material on your own any time you like. You can request to join our “secret Facebook group” where discussion is ongoing (you have to friend request Heidi Bylsma, first). Even without others to join you, you can enjoy the audios and assignments (including video) available for you here:

Additional Support:

Resources we Use and Make Reference to:

These are optional for study, but you will not regret having them! Other resources:

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