The “Scriptural Self-Perception” Workshop Series includes 4 interactive, one-hour classes, designed to foster personal growth and community support. Each session includes a blend of teachings, personal reflection, group discussions, and practical exercises. Workbooks and guided journal prompts reinforce the lessons in homework assignments and provide participants with tools to integrate Biblical truths into their daily lives. A member’s area for ongoing support and a forum for sharing progress will enhance the sense of community and accountability among participants.

We are not making reSolutions this year. We are having a reVolution where we reject the thoughts of the world that we are broken and need fixing. What are God’s thoughts about us, His Beloved? We will be looking at:

Session 1: Rooted in Scripture: Discovering Faith-Filled Self-Worth

Session 2: Planting Seeds of Scripture: Strengthening Faith Identity

Session 3: Cultivating Spiritual Resilience: Overcoming with Scripture

Session 4: Harvesting Faith: Living Authentically in Christ