HEAL: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living

HEAL: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living

HEAL: Your diet-free, faith-filled guide to a fabulous life, Allie Marie-Smith partners with Judy Halliday, author of Thin Within, to create a practical, fun and small-group friendly tool to help today’s modern young women break free from eating and body image issues and life an abundant life

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About the Book

Six Bible study sessions for personal or small group study that help you explore healthy eating and discover your true identity in Christ! Many girls and women struggle with an unhealthy body image and an unhealthy relationship with food. They’re desperate for healing. We’re bombarded with messages about being thin and having a perfect body.

We’re obsessed with what we put in our mouths and the number on the scale. Our worth seems to be based on outside appearances. We try to control our lives by controlling what we eat – either too much or too little. We feel empty, lifeless, stuck, and desperate for more. There’s hope! You are loved. And you can be healed. In Healthy Eating & Abundant Living, you’ll discover how to stop counting calories and start living – living through your relationship with God, not food. This study gives you: A lifestyle plan.

Learn how to be more healthy, fit, and aware. And gain motivation to rise above the strongholds of food and body image.

An exploration of Psalm 139. Allow your body, mind, and spirit to be renewed through God. Encouragement as you take bold, new steps to work through your own personal struggles and be healed from the inside out. Become the woman God designed you to be. Your journey starts here.

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