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This 12 week bible study is the backbone of the Thin Within ministry with:
  • 12 weekly lessons
  • 80 daily bible studies
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What is Thin Within?

Released in 2021 this 36-page handbook gives a great overview of Thin Within!
  • Not just a weight-loss program with a bible study "thrown in!"
  • Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit
Thin Within Handbook
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Two-Month Devotional

11/29/06 Day 7 Thoughts

Day Seven My Body, God’s Restoration Underway As always, the timing of this day is perfect, reflecting God’s hand. Yesterday feels like the first day since I began my return to applying TW (about a month ago) that I chose a series of behaviors that weren’t in keeping with my goals. It was blatant and […]

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11/28/06 Day 6 Thoughts

Day Six My Body, God’s Temple 2. “Fat Machinery” is introduced and defined in this day’s reading. What is fat machinery? (See page 58.) What are the four kinds of fat machinery? Do you recognize any of these patterns in your own life? If you feel comfortable doing so, share an example from your life. […]

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11/27/06 – Day 5 – WE DID IT!!!!! :-D

Time for confessions…this is hard. Bear with me….yikes! My name is Heidi Bylsma. (This sounds like something I would say at a 12 step group…). Well, I was…um…erm….I um….was the collaborator for the Thin Within book. (This really DOES sound like something I would say at a 12 step group! YIKES!) I need to not […]

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11/27/06 Day 4 Responses

Just completed Day Four so thought I would share any thoughts.. I have to keep my momentum going! ====1. On page 36: “Although our wandering disrupts our fellowship with [God], the breech in intimacy need not last long. Thankfully God has provided for our waywardness on our Thin Within journey with the tool we call […]

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11/26/06 Day 1, 2, and 3 thoughts

I have been posting thoughts as I study the book, Thin Within © Arthur and Judy Halliday 2002 on the email list. I thought I would go ahead and post those here.=========From Day 1“Today’s focus is on the Love God has for us. Please, please evaluate the material you studied.prayerfully ask the Lord to […]

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Charts and Graphs

In case anyone gets encouragement from it, I don’t use the Observation and Correction chart, the food log, or hunger graph…all that stuff. God hasn’t given me the freedom to do it. Nor do I want to use those tools! LOL! God leads everyone uniquely. Some feel led to use those things or do for […]

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A jumble of Thoughts

Hi, everyone. I have asked God to please clarify my hunger/satisfaction signals. They are muddied at times. In the past, I never had any problem with this. It seems odd that I am having difficulty with this now, when I am applying myself more wholeheartedly than ever to this approach and to giving God access […]

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No Shame!?

Now I know beyond any shadow of any doubt that God is doing a NEW THING! If I doubted it before, I can doubt no more.In the Thin Within book, there has always been one thing that has been almost impossible for me to do…that is the “Mirror Mirror” exercise in Day 5. Even when […]

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Continuing…Pressing on and In to Him

God is faithful. Miracles never cease! I wonder at this change in my heart. God had to overcome some very serious obstacles. But he has caused me to literally be done with excuses for the past 4 weeks.He used someone who loves horses and the Lord to invite me to faithfulness. I won’t go into […]

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We May Fear Being Thin

WARNING: This post contains mature content. Please read this only if the Holy Spirit directs you to do so. Stop if you feel a check in your spirit along the way. Additionally, as you read, please know this…there is HOPE.========== Regarding the comment about being afraid to being thin…it touched off some thoughts… Many of […]

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