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When “Getting Healthy” Goes TOO Far ~ Red’s Testimony


Editor’s Note: The pictures above don’t tell Red’s entire story. In pursuit of being slender, Red went too far. She found herself in the clutches of an only recently recognized eating disorder. Thin Within was actually used to deliver Red from her eating disorder in a very real way. Read on for the unusual, but […]

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Can 0 to 5 LEAD to Bingeing?!?

A note from a blog reader (and friend): On one of your videos I heard you say, “following a 0-5 food plan,” which really got me thinking, because I have thought of a food plan as an “eat this, in that amount, at such and such a time” sort of thing, as opposed to an […]

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5 Truths for Freedom for the Restrictive Eater!

Hi. A friend of mine who frequents this blog, sent me an email following my post last week on Truth Cards. I asked her if she would be willing to write a blog post to share her perspective with the readers of this blog. It is incredibly valuable, but one I have little experience with. […]

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