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Is It Really Sin?

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Is overeating really sin?  Is that one extra bite rebellion against the Lord? I really struggled with those questions.  It was one of the things in the Thin Within material that I had a hard time grasping.  To be honest, over the years, when I would get to about Day 7 in the Thin Within […]

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Getting Back on the Horse, Again–AGAIN! :)


I used to write about my challenges with my horse, Harley, on a Yahoo group I was a part of. Readers of the posts said they thought that he breathed fire based on my description of him. I had turned him into a 5-headed monster! The truth was, he was spunky and needed reassurance from his […]

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Waiting for Tomorrow

This is another great song for your Renewing of the Mind playlist! I hope you enjoy! “Waiting For Tomorrow” Maybe tomorrow we’ll start over Maybe tomorrow I will finally change my ways Said the same things yesterday Don’t know why I’m so afraid To let you in To let you win To let you have […]

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Overcome the “Failure” and Some Blog “Business”

When I saw this image, it totally reminded me of ME! She has that “I can TOO eat this if I want!” rebellious look about her. AND she is redheaded and freckled like yours truly. Do you ever feel this way? 🙂 I hope not! But if you do, I am in company with you. […]

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Steps and Blessings of Repentance

In my quiet time this morning, I was led to a passage in Job. The passage is Job 22:21-26 and says:21 “Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you. 22 Accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in your heart. 23 If you […]

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