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A Berry Fruitful Lesson

I’d been picking berries over a period of a few days, trying to gather enough to make a batch of blackberry freezer jam and a blackberry pie ~ that I had a tiny piece of on a tiny plate, of course!   And, in so picking, I noticed something interesting that I hadn’t given much thought to […]

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Lessons Learned From the Brambles

By 9:30 a.m., I had weed whacked the entire dog yard. My shoulders and back were stiffening up. The temperature had climbed into the 90s. The last thing I wanted to do was go back out into the heat mid-day and attack the blackberry bush(es). But what I wanted less was to go another day […]

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Assaulting Wild Blackberry Brambles

To look at the picture above is to stimulate the taste buds for many of us. Naturally sweet, wild “California Blackberry” can be found throughout California–along creeksides, riverbeds and, yes, even in backyards in riparian woodland…here, where the Bylsmas live! Michaela and I have gone on horseback on our “berry tasting tour” every August for […]

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