Boundaries are good things. They keep us safe–like on the highway. I sure am glad that most everyone abides by the idea in the US that staying on the right side of the double yellow line is a good idea. 🙂 A BOUNDARY! 🙂 I have a boundary when I go into a store. I see something and I may want it, but I don’t stick it in my backpack and walk out until after I pay for it. That is another boundary that I adhere to routinely. I bet you do, too!



There are moments of weakness when I may struggle with adhering to 0 to 5 eating as a worthy, godly, helpful boundary. For those times, I “whip out” my trusty Blackberry  (any device will work for this–in fact, I could use Evernote for it!–but you could just have an index card in your purse or pocket, too) and have a list that I refer to. Sometimes I need to be reminded that 0 to 5 eating is a boundary that I can delight in!

I have written the following in a file on my Blackberry:


  • I end up “naturally” being the size God intends, and being the size God intends, I fit into my clothes more comfortably.
  • Being the size God intends, my blood pressure is more manageable, my joints hurt less, I can get around the tennis court easier, and new activities strain my joints and muscles less.
  • Eating 0 to 5, I enjoy the variety of foods that God provides without having to obsess about content…this makes it easier to travel, to go out to eat, to do activities, and to generally live the life I enjoy for  the glory of God!
  • Eating 0 to 5 I am free to make decisions in the moment…I can rely on God to lead me.  It keeps me dependent on him in a way I wouldn’t otherwise be. Eating and drinking (and anything “ordinary” for that matter) can all be done for his glory.
  • I like not worrying about food and eating. When I have dieted in the past, worry seemed to be a constant companion!
  • I want to be healthy, physically *and* mentally–dieting was horrible for my mental and spiritual (and emotional) health!

I have some additional reasons on my list, but they are a bit more personal. I am sure you can come up with some of your own.

The bottom line for me is FREEDOM! Eating 0 to 5, I naturally land on and maintain the weight that is best for me. If I am especially active, my body tells me it needs fuel. If I am sick or less active, my body signals me it needs less. It is so much easier than anything else. I have found that it not only helps me to maintain my closeness with God instead of causing me to bow before a diet god, but it causes me to be closer to God than ever before!

What are some reasons that you think 0 to 5 is a good boundary for you?

Note: “0 to 5” eating is eating between physical stomach hunger empty (0) and physical stomach satisfaction (5). This is the approach endorsed by and taught in Thin Within. For resources and support, please visit the Thin Within website!