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Image Source: Image Stock Exchange

Halloween Candy…is it the bane of your existence? I am fortunate. I live in the country and we have never, in all our ten years living here, gotten a single solitary trick-or-treater. I haven’t had to deal with candy in our home. So while I feel for those of you who have to face this challenge, I am not dealing with that particular challenge right now.

How are you managing with the candy everywhere? Do you have a boundary? If you are like most of us, it can definitely help.

Halloween often signals that time of year that we both LOVE and HATE! Tons of holiday festivities for Thanksgiving, Harvest, Christmas and maybe other winter holidays, too. We know that lots of different foods are  available only once a year and now is the time they are likely to be readily accessible!

Halloween doesn’t have to herald a two month long food-fest! We can be victorious in maintaining our godly boundaries.

Here is a video that tells about 7 strategies that you can use each holiday season.

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Thin Within – Holiday Strategies <–Click on that link for video. 🙂

(Note: Here is the same video embedded from YouTube, but it won’t work for me…does it for you?)

If you watched all the way to the end, you saw that there is an eighth strategy that might be helpful for some who want that extra nudge of support through the holidays…it’s one-on-one coaching. If you are interested in getting personalized help (from yours truly :-)) through the holidays, click on the COACHING page for details. I would love to help you make it through these next couple of months and come out the other side a CONQUEROR rather than the conquered!

How About You?

Which of these strategies might be the most helpful at the Halloween party or Harvest event that you are attending  tonight? 🙂 Of course, if not that event, how about the Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas cookie exchanges, Christmas parties, or New Years bashes? What other strategies have helped you during the holidays? Are you committing to eating within your hunger/satisfied boundaries this holiday season? You can do it!