Ok, I may LOVE the B.E.S.T Step Workout DVD by Patrick somebodyorother, but I clearly have NO clue just how UNFIT I am! I have GOT to cut myself some slack….I have been doing Dance Praise for a while now…but this video is too huge of a leap, I guess, from that. It is an advanced choreographed step bench workout. I love it. It is a blast…I don’t use any risers on my step, but I guess I need to not even use a step! I about passed out tonight…I actually scared myself and my head felt like someone had it in a vise and was putting the screws to it.

I have to evaluate what has me continue to do this when I do NOT have to! I love the dance steps…but….sigh…I wonder if it isn’t pride once again, rearing its head. I want to be able to do that video start to finish! Not only do I want to learn the fancy dancy steps, but I want to be cardiovascularly fit enough to accomplish this. Truth is…I am NOT yet!

Hellooooo McFly!!!! LOL!

Maybe I will pull out one of the other tapes or DVDs. I just hoped to do something totally new so I wouldn’t have negative associations…you know from the obsessive days….

Lord…what would YOU have me do?