Sabotaged.  Again.

Derailed.  Again…

  • Surrounded by family members who don’t seem to “get” 0 to 5 eating– 
  • Friends and co-workers who insist as you reach for a cookie that “You will never lose weight if you keep eating junk like that!”–
  • People who don’t give any credence to the “notion” that eating even a cookie when hungry is not going to cause weight gain! 

Does it seem like “failure” lurks around every corner?

Even church friends may wonder why you want to connect eating with your faith and walk with God! Some may think that “working on the heart” is an excuse for not really working on weight loss. And others may think that “organic only” is next to godliness!

Once we have decided to surrender our eating to the Lord, once we have agreed that it is our own heart and the desire for more food than we need that needs “fixing” rather than the nutrition content of the foods we eat, we may discover that those nearest and dearest to us just don’t buy it. And they may not hesitate to verbalize this again and again!

If we look for support and encouragement from others, we may find that pressing forward seems so difficult.
Lately, I have noticed a tendency I have…that of lamenting something like this:

“I could follow you, Lord, without hindrance if only…..”
“I could succeed in eating between 0 and 5 if only ….”
If I only had a support group, I could succeed.”

The honest desires of my heart to receive support and encouragement in the pursuit of giving my eating and drinking to the Lord is not a bad thing. But at some level, I wonder if I am blaming God’s provision (or lack of provision!) for my lack of consistency! With my eyes on those around me, I wish that SOMEone, SOMEwhere, would join me in pursuing faithfulness in this area of life! Don’t I *need* support? Wasn’t I made for community? It makes sense that I am hindered going forward until I have a buddy or accountability partner or at least a husband who supports me…er…uh…right? 🙂

(NOTE: In all fairness to my husband, I must say that I am blessed with a supportive husband or family, but I know that many you who visit this blog aren’t so fortunate — I want to offer these thoughts out there for consideration.)

In the garden of Eden after Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, Adam blamed Eve and God for his choice: “…the woman YOU gave me made me do it!” Eve blamed the serpent (which is a sideways approach to blaming God, too, since God created the serpent). The temptation in the garden, similar to the temptation I face today, was to turn the light of conviction away from self and find a scapegoat…something or someone else to put the responsibility on. Or, at the very least, to share the responsibility with!

But here is a thought I have to consider when I think these “If only…” sorts of thoughts. God has called me to this…whatever this may mean. This marriage, this job, this time and place. Right now, this is where He, in His perfect sovereignty, has called me and placed me. And he has placed these convictions about my eating IN ME–not in anyone else (necessarily).

2 Peter 1:3 says I have been given everything I need for life and godliness--so the responsibility remains with me to use what I have been given to choose to honor the Lord. Yes, it would seem so helpful to have an accountability partner, a husband who also eats 0 to 5, kids would didn’t eat all the time and never gain weight :-), a Thin Within group at my church…but the truth of the matter is, God has called ME to this. He has called me to set my eyes on Him no matter what else is going on.

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But as for me, it is good to be near God.
   I have made the Sovereign LORD my refuge;
   I will tell of all your deeds.
~ Psalm 73:8
But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD,
   I wait for God my Savior;
   my God will hear me. 
~ Micah 7:7

There is much about my walk with Christ that encourages me to be in relationship with others, but when it all boils down, God calls me to an “As for me…” walk with him. He calls me not to be distracted by what others do or don’t do, say or don’t say, whether they show support, encouragement, approval, or agree with me or not. His calling to me is specific, personal, unique. Will I be faithful to His calling?

As for meI will do this thing regardless of what everyone else chooses. I will press on to walk with my God in obedience out of a heart of devotion and love. He is my refuge no matter what. I hope in the Lord and wait on Him.

How about you? Will you choose to be faithful in your “As For Me” walk with God? How might choosing to do so affect you today?