This post was inspired by a few things…not the least of which is a post at Michael Hyatt’s blog.

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 I get asked a lot of questions in email, in chat, on forums, in person. They often go like this:

  • How much weight did you lose?
  • How many times a day did you get to “0” while you were losing?
  • How long did it take you to lose all your weight?

I rarely get asked:

  • How did God use this struggle to draw you closer to his heart?
  • Or how did your prayer life change as a result of this experience?

It is common for us to focus on the outward appearance. After all, that is what draws most people to Thin Within in the first place–we want to release extra weight.

But if our primary (or sole) focus is outward appearance we will miss the work that God is really after. As I have said before and truly believe, if Jesus had five minutes to speak face-to-face to you, I don’t think he would say, “Now, about your weight…” No.

Jesus wants our hearts.

Lots of the questions we ask, assume the worst. Analyze the questions you ask and see what the underlying belief or motivator is…


  • Will I ever stop overeating?

…may actually assume that you *won’t* stop overeating, thus assuming the worst.

So, rather than ask these questions:

  • When will I finally get this eating thing right?
  • Will I ever be free?
  • Will I ever be thin?

…maybe we should ask these, instead:

  • How is God drawing me closer to Him?
  • Am I learning to trust Him with my body?
  • How can I demonstrate my choice to love Him today?

Big difference between the questions we are prone to ask and the questions that God may want to answer for us. 

What questions are you asking these days? What questions might be better ones to ask?