If you are continuing with us through the Thin Within book by Judy and Arthur Halliday, this week we will only focus on two chapters because the material is so dense.

Please read chapters 20 and 21 this week and complete all the exercises in these chapters.

Give yourself plenty of time–especially for chapter 20. It is vital material.

Again, I can’t overstress the value of forgiveness in overcoming tendencies to overeat. Please prayerfully immerse yourself in time with the Lord, His Word, and this material this week. If you aren’t at chapter 20 yet, no worries. Please feel free to go the pace that GOD leads. You can still respond on the blog if you like or keep your own blog to record your observations.

Additionally, you may want to consider these things:
1. Is there a Thin Within tool (such as the observation and correction chart, flesh machinery log, food log, or hunger graph) that you can incorporate into your life this week for added accountability?

2. If you have never considered it before, you may want to consider an accountability partner. This blog entry mentions how to consider selecting an accountability partner. An AP can pray for you, help you to keep focused on what is important and be valuable for all sorts of things–not just your Thin Within journey. Please prayerfully consider it!

3. Please keep on generating a list of God’s attributes and his behavior toward you, His child.

4. Take time to practice gratitude statements to the Lord.

5. Praise God for some of the attributes on your list of God’s attributes.

Let’s hunker down and refocus. We still have about a month left to complete the book. This is plenty of time for us to accomplish the godly goals that he set for us. When the book was written it was intended that it be a 30 day book! Can you imagine? 🙂 That would mean we would have had only 10 days left. But the pace we are going affords us about 30 more days! We have as much time for the rest of the material as was intended for the entire book! So, we can DO this! 🙂

I am praying for you today!