I have already been so encouraged by the time I have spent learning or reviewing God’s attributes and “behaviors” that I thought I would share some of this with you.

I know some who land on this blog have done a Search Engine search for “mini bible study” so here is one that I hope encourages those web wanderers that land here and also for those of you who are traveling this Thin Within journey along with me–which is really nothing other than the road toward increasing Christ-likeness!

1. Open your bible to Psalm 145 or use this link to land on it at Bible Gateway in the New International Version.

2. Read prayerfully and slowly, listing everything that God does or is from this chapter of scripture. Include writing the verse reference next to it. The first two that I got from this are done below:

  • God is my King (vs. 1) (Note: I can deepen this study by writing out under this point what this means to me…what it means for God to be King.)
  • God is praise worthy (vs. 1, 2, 3)

And so on…Your turn! Complete the list throughout the entire psalm.

3. List the things that psalmist says HE will do or others who see God as He is will do!

4. Go back through your list and do what it says! In faith, pray thanking God for these things. For example:

God thank you that you are my King, that you are the one before whom I bow, that you are worthy of all praise and devotion.

Even if you don’t *feel* like these things are true, His Word says it, so they are true. Praying them back to God has an amazing ability to do wonderful things in our lives. We get lifted up when we lift HIM up.

5. If you struggle with a repetitive sinful behavior such as overeating, bulimia, anorexia, sexual strongholds, spending, hiding in online chat groups, forums, etc., and you know that God is calling YOU to live the abundant life of rising above all of this, how can doing what we did in questions 1 through 4 above help in some way? Invite God right now to show you.

In other words, what does doing the above have to do with fighting the tendency to over-eat or releasing extra weight?

I hope that you discover these very things as you do this activity.

** For extra study and enjoyment of God and His Word, do the same with any of the Psalms. To get you started: Psalm 63, and Psalm 73:23-28

*** PLEASE post a comment here if you like telling me and others who visit how God uses this in your life, insights you glean, etc. Others can be ministered to through YOU! 🙂