My precious wolfdog, Bo, had to be put down on Monday morning, my son’s 15th birthday. It has been a rough week. Bo wouldn’t stop bleeding through his nose and tons of tests were inconclusive. The vet could get it stopped for a while, but his red blood cell count wouldn’t rebound before he would bleed again. A transfusion appeared imminent…or, he would continue to bleed to death. A recommendation was made to “tie off” the carotid artery–an artery that is a primary supplier of blood to the brain. This clearly sounded beyond what God wanted us to do.

I had total peace that it was right to let Bo go, so went to the vet clinic and spent some time outside on their soft grass. I got to cuddle and scratch him and kiss his precious face, saying goodbye. Then, the vet added the medicine to Bo’s catheter to cause him to “sleep.” It was a peaceful goodbye, but oh, how I miss his fun and silly presence in our home.

Miss Crazy Daisy Pirahna Puppy from the Amazon now has an incredible burden of being our one and only canine…poor thing! Not having been socialized properly during her first 9 months (she was a rescue), she didn’t really bond with Bo. She loved playing with him–tormenting “Grandpa” actually…and I think she notices his absence, too. But she hadn’t bonded with him, I guess. She is doing just fine being the only canine.

The first three days I didn’t feel the heartache. I guess that isn’t surprising. I began to numb my pain, I guess…with food. I am surprised at how quickly I returned to old habits…Fortunately, I didn’t gain any weight back…and I am refocusing again.

What this did though was show me that I really need to seek God in dealing with issues that have been below the surface, I guess. There is healing yet ahead…and issues that still need to be resolved.

I know He is faithful.