Image Source: iStockPhoto

Image Source: iStockPhoto

Sometimes, it can be helpful to have someone else share about the topic that I beat to death here at the blog. Bob has a refreshingly “bare bones” approach to many of the same issues that I use way too many words to describe. In this short video, Bob cuts to the chase about “The Myth of More.”

Thoughts for you to consider:

1. What mindset do you have about food? Do you have a mindset that is conducive to realizing your “weight loss” goal? (That is what Bob talks about most of the time since that is his primary focus for using the principles of Thin Within.)

2. Have you accepted the fact that you may never be able to eat food in the quantities that you might always want to and get to/remain at a healthy weight?

3. Are you willing to eat in the quantities it takes to get and maintain a healthy weight?

4. Do you like food more than you like the thought of being a healthy weight?

5. Have you found yourself rationalizing (justifying) eating more for “just one meal?” How often does that happen for you and does what Bob has to say about that make sense? What will you do with that?