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Image Source: iStock Photo

Do you remember those ads on TV that showed Frosted Flakes (or Sugar Puffs or something like that) with toast, eggs, orange juice, etc? The cereal was featured as “part of a nutritious breakfast.” Those commercials always espoused the value of a big breakfast!

“Dieting Wisdom” has told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Dieters have advocated NEVER skipping breakfast—even if you aren’t hungry in the morning.

Breakfast IS indeed the most important meal of the day. But not for the reasons that we have been told!  “Breakfast” is merely breaking our fast…it is eating after not eating for a long enough time to be hungry. It might be 1pm in the afternoon! That’s ok. The thing that you might want to consider. though, no matter what time you get hungry in the morning—that it is your first opportunity to set the tone for the day and to fuel your body well. What will you choose to eat to give you energy?

In Thin Within, we have freedom to select whatever we choose!

But if you are like most people, you may discover that what delights your palate, may not sustain your body well. You might feel “icky” with any number of yummy food choices you might select for breakfast. What is the very first thing you will put in your mouth to fuel your body? What will energize you? What will make you feel good?

I learned long ago that the foods I might like the most—typically really sweet foods, like fresh cinnamon rolls—while yummy for breakfast end up making me a bit of a mess for the rest of the day. Pancakes, donuts, muffins all do this to me. I find that something really high in sugar without protein isn’t a whole body pleaser for me. Truthfully, when I have a taste bud teaser for breakfast, I end up typically having trouble with my hunger signals for the rest of the day!

Then, sometimes, whatever-it-is just sits in my stomach. My mind plays tricks on me that I need to eat something in addition to what I just ate so I will feel better! Bring on the protein! Wait…in addition to what I already ate? Even if I am not hungry? Even if I am not feeling well? Yup. Silly, huh?

Do you find breakfast (breaking fast) with certain foods affects you this way, too?

You may want to do an experiment. Try evaluating what you enjoy having for your first meal of the day when you are at a 0 every day for 5 days. Observe how what you choose causes you to feel (coffee beverages count, too!)—both soon after you have had it and also later in the morning as you approach what you feel is your next hunger signal. You might want to experiment with different foods and even jot notes to help you make any observations that might be helpful. Notice how long different foods hold you until the next hunger and then how the next hunger feels as it approaches.

If you have been involved with Thin Within for any length of time and you haven’t explored phase 2—that of exercising more discernment about your food choices—maybe it is time. You might be surprised that it can be the key to opening a door to victory! I have found that what I pick for my first meal of the day can even make a difference in how moody I will be for the entire day.

Let’s consider looking to the most satisfying “thing” of all first thing in the morning. What might that look like for you?

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
    that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

– Psalm 90:14

How About You?

What foods are you most likely to break fast with? Does this seem to be working well for you?

Prayerfully consider if you might experience more success by selecting more beneficial foods—ones that you enjoy, of course!

Will you try the 5-day experiment?